Oasis Series by Ultra Homes


Oasis View

Floor plan features:

The Oasis floor plan features:

4 Bedrooms   2 Bathrooms  Garage 2/+ Study  sq ft 1724

Front Porch 100 SQ FT
Back Porch 98 SQ FT
Garage 458 SQ FT
Total Under Roof 2380 SQ FT

The Oasis View floor plan features:

4 Bedrooms   2 Bathrooms/+Study  Garage 2/Full Brick Sides & Rear  sqft 1765

Front Porch 94 SQ FT
Back Porch 96 SQ FT
Garage 473 SQ FT
Total Under Roof 2428 SQ FT

Ultra Homes features a simple 5 step process for building your new home:

  1. Select your lot in one of our communities or meet with a team member on site if building on your own lot
  2. Select a plan from our exclusive portfolio
  3. Make your interior and exterior selections in our conveniently located model home
  4. Secure financing with one of our approved lending partners
  5. Begin construction on the home of your dreams